To design and implement evidence-driven solutions to civic and environmental challenges in Aurangabad and beyond in collaboration with government, NGO and funding partners.

Our Vision

CARPE is a not-for-profit company registered under Sec. 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013. It is based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

While Solid Waste Management has been our first area of focus, we have diversified with a focus on actionable research to assist in driving measurable social impact in various fields through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


We started our journey as two individuals who wanted to build solutions to civic problems in Aurangabad, thus calling ourselves the Civic Response Team (CRT^). Solid Waste Management was the first sector we chose and with only a simple partnership registration, we set about understanding the what, why and how of the Solid Waste Management system of the city and in other parts of the country. We have spent the past three years developing expertise in this sector and our organization has transformed through pilots, partnerships and projects into a team of 56 full-time, motivated and dedicated people working across Maharashtra state. We are grateful to all our partners, funders, government officials, media-persons and volunteers for the tremendous encouragement and support extended to us in our crucial early years.

Having developed a strong team to take forward our Solid Waste Management vertical, we return to the core idea – to generate data and research around civic and environmental issues, bring together the right stakeholders and design impact-driven interventions. Our experience in Solid Waste Management has confirmed our belief that a strategic, well-researched and grounded approach in CSR projects can lead to sustainable change. Through our second vertical - CSR Research and Advocacy- we have conducted actionable work in sectors such as menstrual health,education,himroo handloom revival, ecological restoration in Aurangabad.

Over a brief period of 7 months, we have found a voracious uptake for educational interventions. We have therefore decided to develop and dedicate a vertical to this purpose - Skills, Training and Education. Under this vertical we commit to deliver world-class programs and workshops for diverse stakeholders related to the civic and environmental sectors.

As we continue to grow, expand our geographies and sectors of work and improve upon established services we want our brand identity to reflect what we do, our vision and our values. Each member of CRT^ has undergone a deep professional and personal transformation over the past three years, learning and growing with each project. Today, we take a confident step forward and announce our new logo and identity. As we separate our identity from CRT - Civic Response Team,the partnership firm into CARPE - Center for Applied Research and Peoples’ Engagement, we commit to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Thank you all once again for helping us arrive at this new phase in our journey and for being a part of the way forward.